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Are you still using an icky dirty razor on your beautiful skin? Tired of getting razor bumps and dark spots? Then it is time for you to upgrade and enter the world of waxing.

Body Waxing removes hair by the root unlike shaving which only removes hair at the surface level. With the root of the hair removed, you get soft smooth skin for days!


As an added bonus,  when the hair grows back it comes in finer and softer. This means your hair will become less noticeable - YAY!  Also (if that wasn't enough) with consistent waxing your hair will begin to grow back at a slower rate. Now that sounds like a win-win and who doesn't want that!


What to expect during your appointment?


We want to make sure that we are applying wax in the most efficient way, which is why the skin is carefully examined and hair growth will be noted.


We always want a solid bond with the hair. To achieve this, the skin is cleansed and properly prepped.


Wax is skillfully applied in a manner that works well with your natural hair growth pattern. 


We care for your skin in extra ways that others do not. This is why we make sure to soothe and nurture the skin with quality post treatment products.


  • 15 min

    10 US dollars

  • 30 min

    15 US dollars
  • Full face waxing - only exclusion are brows.

    35 min

    35 US dollars

  • 30 min

    20 US dollars
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