What topics are covered in the course?

-Microblading Regulations and Insurance -Health and Safety -Skin Anatomy -The Influence of Skin Structure on Healed Results -Color Theory -Before the Microblading Procedure -After the Microblading Procedure -Preparation for a Microblading Procedure -Microblading Needles -Microblading and Shading Technique​ -Eyebrow Mapping -Problems and Solutions for Healed Results -And so much more...

Does the course come with a Kit?

Yes! Each student receives a Practice Kit. Kits are mailed out to Online Students. Each Kit includes the following: -Tina Davies Harmony Blades -Pigment
-Pencil to outline brow shape
-Disposable pigment rings
-Disposable eyebrow shavers
-Caliper for measuring -Pre-inked thread -Practice skin
-Mannequin head
-And more...

How many days of training are included in the course?

LIVE COURSE: 2 days of intense hands on training with unlimited support ONLINE COURSE: In-depth "practice as you go" lessons which allow you the time needed to practice and perfect each technique before moving on to the next. Also comes with unlimited support.

What techniques are covered?

Each course covers BOTH microblading and shading. You are essentially getting a 2-for-1 deal!

Do you offer a payment plan for you course?

A payment plan is offered with the ONLINE course only. Payments can be spread over the length of the program.

Does the course come with a certificate?

Yes! Each course awards a certificate after the successful completion of training.

Do you provide support after the course?

Absolutely! You can reach out for support at any time. There is no set limit on the length of support.

How do I sign up?

LIVE GROUP COURSE: Sign up directly on the Live Training web page. LIVE ONE ON ONE COURSE: Dates are set based on student and trainer's availability. Send a request through the Live Training web page or you can send an email to ONLINE COURSE: Space is limited and therefore enrollment is selective. Schedule a call to see if you are a good fit by clicking the "Schedule Now" link on the Online Training web page. You can also send an email to

Do I need specific experience or a license to join the course?

No. This is a beginner's course where no experience is required. Information that you need for licensing will be provided in the training.

Do you offer a Refresher Course for Artist that need additional training?

Absolutely! I offer two options. You can enroll in a LIVE 1 Day course or you can enroll in my ONLINE course at a disconted rate. Send me an email at to get started.