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​Aftercare Instructions

  • Day 1: Clean your brows with witch hazel to wipe away lymphatic fluid as needed.

  • Day 2: Clean your brows with witch hazel 3-4 times a day (even if there is no lymphatic fluid present).

  • Day 3 -14: Apply a very small amount (one drop) of grape seed oil to brows whenever your brows feel tight or itchy.

    • Make sure your brows are moisturized but not greasy!

    • Witch Hazel is no longer required after Day 2 but can be used to clean brows if excess build up is present.

  • When the area starts to flake/scab - do not pick, peel or pull.

  • Avoid wetting your brows for 2 weeks post-procedure.

  • Avoid sweating such as from vigorous exercise for 2 weeks post-procedure.

  • Avoid tanning beds or prolonged exposure to the sun for 2 weeks post-procedure.

Things to Keep in Mind


  • Avoid Retin-A, moisturizers, glycolic acids, exfoliants and anti-aging products at all times (not just during healing) on all microbladed areas. These products can cause pigments to fade and lighten prematurely. 


  • Do not use growth enhancement products such as Latisse, Revitabrow, or Grande Lash up to one month after treatment.

  • Pigment will slowly fade over time according to one’s metabolism, skin type, sun exposure, medication, facial surgery, and smoking. Schedule maintenance visits as needed to keep it looking fresh.


  • Periodic touch ups will ensure longer lasting results. 

  • No alterations to your initial procedure will be done until your brows have completely healed (6 weeks) as scarring may occur. Please be patient with the process.

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