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Pretty Dope Brows started as a passion project 3 years ago. It was born out of my fascination for eyebrows as a source of self-confidence and self-empowerment for women. I thought it was a little too risky for me then, but I am proud to share that coming up with a business model centered on improving how eyebrows appear is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.


Hi! I am Dione Harrison. I am a wife, mother of three beautiful children, a full-time employee and an entrepreneur. My journey as an entrepreneur is far from a fairytale story. As with any struggling newbie in the business world, I too had my fair share of business ventures that went bust. I had to give up on some because 1) I didn’t have anyone to motivate me and 2) I simply lacked experience and it would have been great if I had a mentor who showed me the ropes.


Despite what I went through with my past ventures, I never really regretted any of them as those experiences became my stepping stone to where I am right now. And well, fast forward to the present, I can confidently say that I have found my niche and I am in a mission to help those around me, especially women, to become the best version of themselves.


Giving Back


I still have a lot to learn in this industry, much more as a businesswoman. Each day brings about a new obstacle with a new lesson learned. However, each obstacle get a little bit easier to tackle because of the prior knowledge I have obtained. Getting started can be hard but once your engine is running, it is all about the momentum.


Because of my own experiences, I realize how difficult it is to start something without a mentor to guide you. It is this reason why I believe it would be valuable to share some of my experiences and teach those who are on a mission to gain back their self-confidence and pursue financial freedom by starting their own businesses.


Pretty Dope Brows, aside from offering eyebrow microblading services, also conducts training, live (in-person) and online. After the training, students can certainly start their own microblading venture. Nothing’s more fulfilling than running your own business!


More on Microblading


2014 witnessed a curious turn of events. This was the time when there was an increased “obsession” in getting fabulously looking eyebrows, coined as #eyebrowsonfleek. Since then, this has garnered a lot of following and has begun a movement towards awareness in making sure eyebrows are well groomed and always on point.


Microblading is a relatively new technique in the conquest to beautiful eyebrows.


It involves etching tiny strokes of ink that resemble the look of real hair. This treatment last up to a year and is renewed in what we refer to as a "touch-up".


Having beautiful and fabulous eyebrows is more than just skin-deep. Personally, I feel that eyebrows represent self-definition and power. It’s a way for anyone to become more confident and proud of the way they look and this is exactly where my passion in microblading stems from! If your looking to make a change in your life, whether it be in your confidence or your interest in building a business, I’d be more than happy to discuss more details and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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