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Our Lip Services will transform the lips that you were born with - into the lips that you dream of.  If you struggle with any of the following issues, then we have a solution specifically designed for you.


Unshapely lips – New your lips uneven? You can choose to do a lip blush which helps to create the illusion of proportionate lips or you can choose to add our needle-free hyaluronic filler to add structure and symmetry.


Volume – Are your lips lacking in the smacking? Our needle-less hyaluronic filler will deliver instantly volume that will leave you with lips plump to your desire.

Lifeless lips - Perhaps your lips have loss its youthful appearance or your lips have darkened over time. We recommend both our BLUSH and LIP FILLER service. The combination of the two will create color and shape to your lips that will keep everyone wondering what's your secret!


  • A subtle semi-permanent enhancement of the color and shape of lips

    3 hr

    450 US dollars
  • 6 week touch up service for lip blush.

    3 hr

    100 US dollars
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