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When you look at pictures of celebrities, what do they all have in common? Lush lashes (and eyebrows) of course! For this reason, mascara has become a vital instrument in every girl’s makeup bag.


What if you could have the ability to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and separate lashes without the hassle of having to remove and reapply mascara every day? Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, this is all possible with lash extensions.

Lash Extensions are synthetic fibers that are strategically applied to each individual natural hair using a medical grade adhesive that is safe for the eye area. The extensions are lightweight and with proper care will remain on your lashes until they naturally shed, as all lashes do.

A single lash design does not fit all so we allow you to pick from various styles that each highlight and accentuate your eyes in a unique way.


What type of beautiful will you choose?


You see the beauty in lashes, but you only want to do it in the most natural looking way possible. Our BASIC BABE set will allow you to accomplish this by applying extensions to 70% of your lashes. This will create an airy and natural look while still giving you babe-a-licious vibes!



Looking for a full set of lashes that deliver on all the sexiness but still office friendly? Then you, my friend, are a FULL HOTTIE! This set gives you 100% coverage in a style that is steaming hot!



You are always on the next level with your beauty and style. You stay ahead of the game and your friends always look to you for the newest trends. If this is you, then you are an ultimate BADDIE! Your set comes with a volume mix of lashes at 150-200% coverage.


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