When searching for a microblading course and you come across thousands of artists all claiming to be the "queen" of microblading, it can leave you stuck and confused. It is hard to distinguish the true talented artists from the artists who are just starting out and it is easy to get lost in the hype of social media or the lure of a cheaper option. Don't fall into the trap and lose thousands of dollars in horrible courses. I will walk you through the 7 crucial components  you need know when selecting a quality microblading course. Step out of your state of confusion and download my FREE GUIDE today!

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What Should the Course Cover? 

Microblading has a sharp learning curve, be sure that the course you select includes these core topics.

How do I Know Which Course is Right For Me?

The guide will provide you with vital questions to ask yourself to determine if a particular course is for you.

How do I determine iF a trainer is qualified?

You will get all the important details to look for in a competent trainer.

Are you super excited about becoming a Microblading Artist, but overwhelmed by the decision to find the right trainer? 

 Are you stuck in Course Chaos?

Don't get lost in Course Chaos.

Let me help you get to your success story as fast as possible!

Grab my FREE GUIDE today!

On this new venture with a friend? 

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Hey There!

I'm Dione Harrison. I was able to build a successful microblading career while juggling the duties of being a wife, mother of 3, and full time corporate employee. I want to provide others with the blueprint on how to build financial freedom even when "time" is a limited resource.  

Dione Harrison